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This also applies to cable, chain, and webbing.

Gear that is anchored includes anchors, rocks, trees, tripods, trucks, etc.

A "bight" is a simple loop in a rope that does not cross itself.

A "bend" is a knot that joins two ropes together. Bends can only be attached to the end of a rope.

A "hitch" is a type of knot that must be tied around another object.

"Descending devices" (e.g., ATCs, Brake Bar Racks, Figure 8s, Rescue 8s, etc) create friction as their primary purpose. The friction in descending devices is always considered when calculating forces.

The "Safety Factor" is the ratio between the gear's breaking strength and the maximum load applied to the gear (e.g., 5:1).

W1110 Error

A "W1110" error message means that vRigger was unable to write to a file. It can usually be resolved by downloading and reinstalling vRigger from https://vRigger.com/download.

Although less likely, this error will also occur if you do not have permission to write to files in the folder named C:\ProgramData\Iterum\vRigger\Gear. This may require that a system administrator change the file permissions to the gear folder.

If the "W1110" message continues to be displayed after reinstalling vRigger and ensuring that all users have read/write access to the gear folder, please contact us for assistance.