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This also applies to cable, chain, and webbing.

Gear that is anchored includes anchors, rocks, trees, tripods, trucks, etc.

A "bight" is a simple loop in a rope that does not cross itself.

A "bend" is a knot that joins two ropes together. Bends can only be attached to the end of a rope.

"Descending devices" (e.g., ATCs, Brake Bar Racks, Figure 8s, Rescue 8s, etc) create friction as their primary purpose. The friction in descending devices is always considered when calculating forces.

The "Safety Factor" is the ratio between the gear's breaking strength and the maximum load applied to the gear (e.g., 5:1).

Aligning Gear

Eight commands on the Home toolbar allow you to position objects relative to each other.

To align gear, select two or more items and then choose one of the alignment commands.

The following illustration shows three objects before and after using the Align Left command.

Distributing Gear

The "distribute" commands move the gear so the selected gear is evenly spaced. To distribute gear, select three or more items and then choose one of the distribution commands.

The following illustration shows five objects before and after using the Distribute Horizontally command.


The Align Center and Align Middle commands function differently depending on whether you dragged your mouse to select multiple items or if you selected multiple items by pressing the Shift key and then clicking on the items. If you selected the items by dragging your mouse, these alignment commands will center the objects in the middle of all of the objects that are selected. If you select multiple objects using the Shift+Click technique, the objects will be aligned with the last item you selected. It may seem like a trivial detail, but it is powerful tip for power-users.

As explained on the instructions on moving gear, you can also control the alignment of items by holding the Shift key pressed while dragging an item to align the item vertically/horizontally to its starting location, you can press the Shift key while dragging the dot on the end of a rope to align the dot with the adjacent item on the rope, and you can enable gridlines and turn on snapping to align gear to the grid.

If you select one text item that contains multiple lines of text, the Align Left , Align Center, and Align Right commands control the alignment of the lines of text.

The shortcut keys for aligning gear, which are displayed when you hover your mouse over the alignment buttons, are reasonably easy to remember: press and hold the Ctrl+Alt keys and then press either Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle, Bottom, Horizontally, or Vertically keys.